Guest Bio

Åsa Ekdahl has worked in the steel industry for 20 years, gaining extensive experience in the environmental challenges of the industry including climate change, air emissions and co-products management and is a recognized expert in these fields.

As Head of Environment and Climate Change at the World Steel Association, Åsa runs the world steel Environment Committee and leads the association’s engagement with International organisations such as the UNFCCC and OECD. She plays an important role in shaping the policy and advocacy actions for the industry including the promotion of industry action.

She is passionate about advancing the industry’s performance to enable steel companies to align with the increasing climate and environmental demands. Providing the forum (workshops and projects) for members to be able to connect with each other to exchange good practices, learn from each other and create partnerships isa very rewarding part of the role.

Before joining worldsteel, Åsa worked at both Jernkontoret, the Swedish Steel Producer’s Association and EUROFER, the European Steel Industry Association, where she was responsible for engaging with policy makers, most notably the European Commission and European Parliament, on the needs of the European steel industry Åsa graduated with a Master of Science in Environmental Science from Gothenburg University in Sweden.